Cambridge: The Story So Far

April 27th 2017

We are excited to offer you a ‘behind the scenes’ view from our new shop, opening in Cambridge in May. Situated on the precinct of Sussex Street, we look forward to welcoming you mid-May. Much consideration has gone into the design of the space and what we hope will be a pleasurable customer experience.

Pevsner described Sussex Street – the location of our new store – as “best piece of pre-war urban planning at Cambridge.” The neo-Georgian architecture echos that of our premises in Bury St Edmunds. The colonnaded precinct is an elegant location and a fitting home for T&D.

Robert and Jane oversee the finalisation of plans as work commences. The objective is to create a space that is welcoming and comfortable, and showcases our collection to its best advantage.

The main shop floor: bespoke furniture fine tunes the space and enhances its architectural proportions.

As work progresses, the character of the new space becomes clear.

Rob, our shop painter, no doubt fully fuelled with tea and in the throes of his work.

The subterranean suit room: The finish is crisp and elegant. We look forward to showing you the end result and indeed welcoming you to our new store. Subscribe to our mailing list for further insights, stories and glimpses of this season’s collection.