Say ‘I Do’ to the perfect wedding suit

January 28th 2018

It’s no longer just the women agonising over what to wear for The Big Day.  With more choice than ever, saying ‘I Do’ to the perfect wedding suit has become a difficult decision for men too.

Whether it’s a summer wedding full of Pimm’s, strawberries and outdoor socialising or a cosy winter day with roaring fires and white scenery, one thing you don’t want to be worrying about is whether you look good.

That’s where we come in. Here at Trotter and Deane, we believe your wedding suit should fit both your figure and personality. With our expert advice and years of experience, we can find you something unique and memorable for your special day.


We all like to hope the summer will bring sunshine and warmer days even here in the UK. So, with fingers crossed, we advise going for a light weight fabric; blends of linen, virgin wool and silk. Blends are great, it means you can avoid the crumpled effects of linen crease or the heavy cost of pure silk while still reaping their cooling benefits. A lightweight cloth will save you from overheating and by opting for a brighter fabric, you avoid absorbing too much of the sun. You can rest assured those clammy hands are just down to nerves!


Winter is a great time to layer up your wedding look. A three-piece navy flannel is a favourite but why not mix it up with an injection of colour? Winter doesn’t mean you have to stick to dark blues and greys. Tweeds hold the weight you need to keep you warm but with such a vast range of weave variations, you can go as bold and daring as you want. Just be sure not to out shine your other half!

A Classic Three Piece

At Trotter and Deane, we don’t restrict ourselves, or you, to the traditional. If a classic three-piece suit is your ideal choice, then adding a few subtle details will ensure the suit perfectly reflects your personality. Classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Our range of ‘off the peg’ suiting and comprehensive made-to-measure, mean there’s something for everyone.

Contrasting Waistcoat

A contrasting waistcoat is an increasingly popular choice. It adds another layer to your look and highlights elements of colour from your suit, bringing the outfit together as a three piece. It’s an extremely photogenic look, so avoid over complicating the patterns as the layers may get lost. It also means you can take the jacket off later without worrying that you won’t be dressed the part.

Casual Look

If you’re wanting to keep your day low key and informal but still want to stand out, then our team are here to help. By using your themes and colour scheme ideas we’ll put together a look you can feel comfortable in without compromising on style.

Most importantly, with peace of mind afforded by knowing that you look your best, you can relax and enjoy the moments that matter the most!

All photographs in this blog show made-to-measure suits from Trotter and Deane, head into either one of our stores for more information.